National Data Contractor: Summary of Services

National Data Contractor specializes in nationwide network infrastructures, offering structured data cabling and wireless networking solutions. Our experienced team designs, builds, and supports voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems. With offices across the country, we efficiently handle nationwide rollouts of any scale. Based in Tampa, Florida, National Data Contractor provides structured data contracting services through our in-house tech teams, and by strategic teaming, ensuring expansive service coverage while maintaining cost-effectiveness. Our competitive rates make us an excellent choice for your next project. Contact National Data Contractor for a tailored network solution designed to meet your specific needs. Read More:


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From Public Safety and Cellular DAS to Copper & Fiber Infrastructures.

National Data Contractor

National Scope of Services

NDC offers a wide range of comprehensive telecommunication solutions, services, and support across the country! This encompasses the design, installation, and upkeep of various telecommunication systems, infrastructures, and networks. We are a LICENSED ELECTRICAL & LOW VOLTAGE contractor that travels with our in-house team!


National Data Contractor: Your Nationwide Partner for Superior Structured Cabling and Wireless Solutions:

Looking for a reliable National Data Contractor across the U.S.? Look no further! National Data Contractor provides unparalleled service coverage from the west to the east coast and everywhere in between, spanning North to South. With a wealth of experience exceeding 30 years, we possess the expertise required to successfully execute nationwide structured data cabling projects.

Our National Data Contractor techs are integral members of our ability to make such a feat possible, delivering top-notch services consistently. Trusted by companies with multiple locations nationwide, our clients prefer National Data Contractor as their exclusive structured cabling partner. They often express the challenge of finding a quality National Data Contractor to meet all their needs, making our broad service support a must-have.

Holding licenses in both Florida and California, and supported by numerous satellite offices, we guarantee compliance across all regions. We've established a network of licensed partner affiliates that adhere to the same rigorous standards we demand. This guarantees a smooth installation process when partnering is required. Choose National Data Contractor for excellence in structured cabling and wireless solutions across the nation. Base dispatch Locations: Florida - California - North Carolina - Ohio - Nevada, with partners in nearly ever state.

Structured Network Cabling

Leading Structured Data Cabling Contractor:

National Data Contractor stands out as a licensed and top-level structured data cabling contractor, bringing extensive experience to the industry with a focus on diversity. Our Structured Cabling Contractor technicians undergo comprehensive cross-training, excelling in fiber, copper, WiFi, and DAS. We are well-equipped with the skills and tools necessary for intricate data cabling projects. Structured data cabling demands more than meets the eye, requiring network design expertise, IT background, and knowledge of signal intricacies. Selecting the right Data Cabling Contractor is paramount in your business success. NDC excels in design, installation, and certification, ensuring our clients remain satisfied and choose us as their National Network Cabling Contractor, We are truly a one stop shop Structured Data Contractor With our extensive skills, broad national reach, and comprehensive travel ability, we serve as your all-in-one solution for any and all of your needs, as if you had your own team readily available at your beck and call.




Cellular DAS - In Building Signal Regeneration

National Data Contractor thrives in the realm of In-Building Cellular DAS Systems, enhancing wireless connectivity within structures of various sizes. Our expertise ensures consistent coverage, addressing cellular signal challenges in buildings, including high-rises, offices, warehouses, factories, stadiums, and more. We leverage advanced Distributed Antenna System (DAS) technology to amplify signals, providing reliable voice and data services across diverse environments. From system design, installation, to grid testing, we deliver turnkey solutions tailored to your specific needs. Our commitment to excellence extends to commissioning and acceptance testing, ensuring optimal performance for your cellular signal propigation. Trust National Data Contractor to transform your indoor cellular connectivity, creating a robust and reliable cellular network that meets the demands of modern communication. Elevate your connectivity experience with our In-Building Cellular DAS Systems, setting the standard for efficient and comprehensive wireless solutions. We offer various types of systems to meet your needs and budgets.

Why Many Clients Choose National Data Contractor


Adhering to the Navy motto, Honor, Courage, and Commitment dictate our standards of excellence and ethics in all aspects of our business.


Our broad scope of work and continued training keep us at the forefront of all things communications; it's what we do, and do well!


In concert with our broad scope of work, NDC's nationwide coverage means we are the only telecom contractor you'll need for all of your locations.


Whether you need IT service or support, onsite tech service, or any other help, we value our clients and are here when you need us.

The NDC Difference

We offer unparalleled innovation, advanced technology, exceptional customer service, unrivaled quality, and a commitment to always exceed expectations, setting us apart from all others in the industry.

National and Worldwide Service

We designed NDC to travel specifically for those clients that need us where they sell product, or perform operations. Whether here in the states, across the pond, or both, our techs travel and perform admirably.

A Local on Large Projects for Rapid Service

Though we may be across the country, we always try to employ a local with our team so they are familar with the project, and If needed, can quickly respond to service calls. We're not scared of a quick plane trip either!

We Become Partners and Friends.

We are unique in that we simply care! We want the best for your company, and in adhering to that philosophy, you'll feel and see the commitment from us. Friendships are inevitable, and we appreciate each new one.

Consistency & Continuity: Keys to Success

When you deploy NDC on all of your projects, you not only get great service, but you get consistency via the same techs, material, and workmanship. This creates continuity across all of your locations, and less headaches for you.

We Don't Quit When the Whistle Blows

An 8 to 4 schedule? Never heard of it! Our techs put in the hours to get you up and running, usually 12-15 hour days. We tailor our schedule to meet or exceed your expectations. Like a Navy seal, we're in and out with overwhelming success.

Certified and Cross Trained Technicians

Our goal has always been to be the only contractor you'll ever need. With thousands of different projects under our belts, we bring a spectrum of expierence with a scope of work that others simply can't dream of offering.

Nationwide Service | Reliable & Professional

Look no further than our top-notch team for Nationwide Data cabling services in all 50 states. Our company, NDC, is based in six states and strategically dispatches core teams across the country to meet your cabling needs economically. For smaller projects, we have strong partnerships with trusted companies to provide high-quality service at competitive prices. Our commitment to reliability and customer satisfaction sets us apart from the competition, whether we dispatch core teams or work with partners. Whether you require data cabling for a commercial building, office space, or any other project, we have the expertise and resources to deliver efficient and effective results. Trust us for all your cabling needs nationwide and discover the difference of working with a dedicated and experienced company that prioritizes your business needs and our reputation.