Mass Notification System Contractor

Mass Notification System Contractor for schools, college campuses, state buildings, military bases, airports, and large businesses.


To be a mass notification system contractor in this field you must have an understanding of the function and purpose of the mass notification system, integration of components, and ample experience installing communication systems.

As the name implies, a mass notification system has but one purpose, which is to notify a large group of people in emergency situations much like a typical fire alarm. In fact, integration between fire, security, and communication is on the rise, thus giving way to an intelligent mass notification warning system that is able to provide crucial early warning notification to the right people, in the right place, at the right time.  

mass notification warning system installationA Mass Notification system is needed for delivering early warnings such as shooter on campus, terrorist threats, approaching weather related issues, evacuations, etc. These warnings can be transmitted to people using a variety of mediums such as intercom, land / cell phones, text message, email, digital signage, outdoor public address, strobe lights, sirens, speakers, etc, thus allowing disparate communications to reach people within your facility/campus and deliver time critical information in a useful and beneficial manner with a single push of a button.   

This type of technology has become vital for places of assembly such as college campuses, military bases, schools, airports, large businesses, events, churches, etc., and since the NFPA mandates voice EVAC in class A and B assembly facilities,  it is possible to use the emergency voice alarm communications system (EVACS) already in place for emergencies that requires notifying  many people simultaneously within a single building.  However, since EVACS are typically used in single buildings,  system integration comes into play.  

As a mass notification system contractor, NDC inserts itself at the integration stage where multi-building demands are needed.  Facilities such as military bases generally have many buildings, sometimes upwards of hundreds that will need a well designed system.  While we don't design the system ourselves, as we leave that to the certified design team, we are well prepared, trained, and equipped to install the system no matter the size of the project.