Florida Fiber Optic Cabling Contractor

Florida Fiber Optic cabling contractor : Statewide and National Service

Our Florida fiber optic cabling contractor services are an integral part of our structured cabling core, as many of our projects incorporate fiber optic cabling, whether as the backbone between structured copper cabling networks,  extended run adaptability, or as the primary network structure, our Florida fiber optic cabling contractor program produces some of the brightest and most experienced fiber optic technicians in Florida.  


With today's network cabling landscape rapidly changing,  adapting to new technologies is a consideration that must be planned when considering network design and fiber optic cabling.  Companies that quickly adopt and implement the latest technology to maintain high levels of service will benefit greatly by migrating to fiber optic cabling, as it far exceeds the limits of copper, thus saving you from costly copper upgrades to keep up with these rapid changes.  


It is imperative to ensure that your fiber optic network is optimized to handle your current and future networking requirements, and as a Florida fiber optic cabling contractor, we provide highly optimized and affordable fiber based infrastructures  to help your business perform to the standards you require. 


National Data Contractor specializes in all areas of fiber optic cabling, such as; OSP outside plant fiber optic cabling, underground or buried fiber optic cabling, as well as aerial and indoor fiber. 

We've installed complete FTTD, FTTH, and FTTC networks from end to end, while  fusion splicing and performing mass network integrations in others scenarios, as well as miles upon miles of dark fiber stretching city to city.  Our Florida fiber optic cabling techs are well trained in all type of termination work from Hot Melt adhesive polish to crimp connectors. 


No matter the scenario, we can properly design, install, terminate, and test your fiber.  We have installed and terminated fiber in the dirtiest of locations, from paper mills and power plants, to construction sites and road side junctions, we have portable clean rooms to ensure our fiber terminations are free from contaminants.    Whether you require a single strand or thousands, we can perform the task efficiently, on budget, and to spec.  


National Data Contractor offers the following Florida services:

-Fusion Splicing:  Fusion splicing is the process of fusing two fibers together using an electric arc provided by a fusion splice machine. This is the most widely used method of splicing fiber strands as it provides for the lowest loss and least reflectance, as well as providing the strongest and most reliable joint connection between fibers. Our techs have joined miles upon miles of roadside feeder fiber for cities, neighborhoods, campuses, etc. 

-Terminations: With many years of fiber termination from time and labor intensive polishing of hot melts to simple crimp on corning unicam connectors, we can handle any termination with 100% accuracy, whether it be LC, SC, ST, FC, Opti-Jack , MT-RJ, MU, etc.  We highly prefer the unicam connectors for their reliability and relative ease of installation and highly recommend using LC for gigabit systems. 


- Installation:  Obviously, the details listed above and below are part of the installation process, but in addition to the finer details, pulling fiber optic cable requires knowledge of bend radius rules, pulling tensions and methods, and securing the actual cable in a suitable environment that won't degrade the fiber over time.  Too many times we have seen fiber buried under pounds of copper cable with compression fractures, or kinked around corners, so attention to the finished cable path becomes a crucial element for longevity.  Proper use of fan out kits and fiber trays /enclosure can also make the installation more successful.


- Design:  Designing a fiber infrastructure requires a detailed analyst of your goals and current infrastructure, as well as your budget expectations.  Aspects that are required are knowing the environment where the fiber optic cable will be deployed, the type of equipment it will serve, the expected results of using fiber, and what type of fiber and connectors will pair with your equipment.


- Testing: Stable network functionality is directly reliant on having an optimized infrastructure through a well designed and properly installed network.  Workstations and other equipment that are off-line due to unstable or non-functioning networks will cost your company time, lost work, client dissatisfaction and less than the stellar reputation you have worked to achieve. National Data Contractor  runs a full system analyst on your installed network and equipment after installation to certify the network.  Our testing checks continuity, polarity, end to end insertion loss, TX and RX power.  In spliced fiber we run an OTDR to certify the splices.  The most important test is insertion loss performed with our light source and power meter (LSPM), and optical loss test (OLTS) which is required by all international standards. Our tests are formatted into a printed report, attached to our As-Builts and included in our close out package.