BDA Contractor : Lakeland FL 

As a BDA Contractor, we provide advanced level design, installation, commissioning and validation services to the areas of  Lakeland Florida;  Polk County.

National Data Contractor trains our techs through our certified BDA Contractor program where our techs are all OSHA certified, FCC licensed, and trained through the manufacturers, and are well trained in emergency responder BDA systems. 

We are not your average BDA Contractor, as we offer comprehensive services to any extent you require, along with a wide array of talents in all things wireless and cabled.  Our expansive network capabilities and BDA Contractor design level knowledge, along with a state electrical contractors license, FCC license, OHSA and manufacturer certs, enables us to handle the entire project, whether from the very early stages of pre design/build, to post build implementation, and even your other networking needs. 

Why hire a BDA Contractor over a low voltage  installer?  Other than having the proper licenses,  credentials, and tools, we have a dedicated division that are experts in BDA equipment, and we only use the latest technologies to design  emergency responder systems and their infrastructures, and the latest technologies in equipment to meet your current and future needs.  Our dedicated engineers aggressively watch the industry for change, and are quick to pursue and implement,  thus ensuring you get a system that won't be obsolete in a few years, and one that is expandable and upgradable.


What is an emergency responder radio system?

Bi-Directional Amplifiers (BDA) are signal repeaters/boosters installed by a BDA Contractor as part of a DAS system that enables two-way radio communications throughout a building lacking in signal strength, most often in the lower and sub floors, as well as in stairwells, elevator shafts, tunnels, parking garages, etc.  As a BDA contractor, the majority of our focus is in emergency responder radio systems, also called public safety DAS.


These systems allow flexibility for various gains and power options, as well as required frequencies to be boosted and distributed to defined coverage areas addressed by installing an infrastructure of networked antennas known as DAS.


A BDA system enables the building to become compliant with Emergency Responder Radio Coverage (ERRC). The ERRC code is what a BDA Contractor must adhere to, as it is the standard for BDA Public Safety DAS as mandated under International Fire Code IFC-510 and the National Fire Protection Association standards NFPA 72, Chapter 24.5 Two Way in building ECS (Emergency Communications Systems).


BDA Contractor Historic Lakeland





BDA System Flow


We are a one stop BDA Contractor offering end to end in building wireless solutions in BDA / DAS, with full level services regardless of your project phase.   We provide complete construction ready deign packages with deliverables that can include riser and pathway designs if needed, and all required documentation and support.  There's no need to sub anything out, as we pull our own permits and do our own installation and close out work.   


A BDA Contractor must have extensive knowledge and training, as lives depend on it.  The ability to design, install, and commission a reliable emergency responder radio system is imperative when in times of crisis where first responders or public safety officials need reliable and clear communications, both inside and outside the structure.  Anything less than a full understanding of an emergency response radio coverage system can cost lives, something we take serious.  


BDA Contractor services include:

  • Import floor plan into iBwave & Scale to size.
  • Select appropriate materials & assign to structure.
  • Design the incline surfaces, horizontal surfaces, elevator shafts, stair wells, etc.
  • Geocode & Design the building in 3D.
  • Select the best DAS & equipment for the project.
  • Design the equipment layout plan.
  • RF propagation analysis to validate design
  • -Fast Ray Tracing, COST231 or VPLE propagation
  • -Coverage Output Maps (RSSI, RSCP, RSRP)
  • -EMF calculation and analysis
  • -Compliance results based on user defined pass/fail criteria.
  • -Design Fiber Optic layout.
  • -Design Battery Backup system to required specs.

NDC's Deliverable package includes:

  • iBwave Deign File.
  • Equipment list & Cross Reference Report
  • Cable Routing Report
  • EMF & Output Maps Compliance Report
  • Link budget Analysis Report
  • Design & Floor Plan Layout diagram with labels
  • Prediction Plots: Signal Strength, RSCP, RSRP & Best Server, etc.
  • We offer services nationwide out of our Lakeland Florida BDA Contractor division.  We are headquartered in Florida and hold a state  Electrical Licenses, and have another office and hold a C7 license in Los Angeles California.  We have working partners in most other states that we team up with where a license is required.  Regardless of location, we will always have a National Data Contractor team on site from one of our two locations.  We also like to enlist the help of a few local skilled techs in the areas of the project that can aid in  quick service response times if the need arises.    

To reiterate, National Data Contractor is a complete BDA  Contractor serving Lakeland Florida with a wide array of skilled abilities that can handle your project from conception to completion.