Fort Lauderdale Structured Low Voltage Wring and Cabling

National data contractor provides commercial and residential structured cabling and low voltage wiring, fiber optic installations, WiFi installation, security and surveillance installation, smarthome automation wiring and component installs, and more to the entire 31 square land miles, and  the 165,00 plus residents in Fort Lauderdale Florida, of Broward County.   We also provide service in the metropolitan area of South Florida for more than 5.5 million residents that call this beautiful oasis home.

We also offer dedicated, professional, and quality cabling and low voltage services to the follow municipalities:


Sea Ranch Lakes


Dania Beach




Lauderdale Lakes

Cooper City

North Lauderdale

Oakland Park


Wilton Manors

Pompano Beach

Deerfield Beach

National Data Contractor offers Fort Lauderdale Data Cabling through our certified Fort Lauderdale Structured Cabling  Data Contractors.  We provide quality tech services in many areas such as; Fort Lauderdale WiFi Installers, Fort Lauderdale RFID factory automation, Fort Lauderdale Fiber Optic Installers, Fort Lauderdale Network Wiring, Fort Lauderdale Telephone System Installers, Fort Lauderdale Network Integration, Fort Lauderdale Security installers, Fort Lauderdale Surveillance installers, Fort Lauderdale home automation, Fort Lauderdale Smarthome installation and design, Fort Lauderdale Marine Wire and Component Installation, Fort Lauderdale Tanning Bed Repair and more.

Our Fort Lauderdale Data Contractors and Network Cabling professionals have a wide array of experience in a variety of industries within the structured cabling fields.  Whether you need network cabling, wifi networking, fiber optic infrastructures or other network cabling services, we can provide any data cabling service from residential to commercial, covering chain stores, franchises, single locations, national roll outs, etc.  Our Fort Lauderdale data contractors are fully versed in the cabling industry, and have done cabling jobs for schools, daycare centers, drug stores, banks, military, factories, night clubs, restaurants, bars, marinas, mobile home parks, tanning franchises, retails stores, hotels and motels, and many more.

Our network of structured cabling and data contractors span nationwide.  We are based in Fort Lauderdale Florida.  Our Fort Lauderdale Data Contractor services are listed below in detail.

Fort Lauderdale Structured data & voice cabling installations

                   a) Fort Lauderdale Fiber Optic Cabling Installation and Design. In todays market many of our clients want fiber optic backbone systems to prepare for the future of next generation fiber optic networking speeds.  The general population hasn't reached the full fiber optics to the desk level yet, as this entails many hardware changes which can be costly.  With that in mind, we do run fiber as the backbone and use various fiber optic media converters to bring cat 6 cable, or whatever cable of choice to the outlets.  National Data Contractor can design and build your fiber network, whether full fiber to every desk or component, or a split fiber and cat system to prepare you for the future. 

We can also implement the FutureFLEX system that allows for upgrades and new paths to be added easily.  National Data Contractor offers trenchless technologies such as underground directional boring, also known as Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD).  This has quickly become the preferred method of choice for installing underground piping and conduit such as HDPE, mechanical joint pvc, and steel, as it minimizes the impact on the environment and considerably lowers the costs associated with underground installations.  NDC subs out all of our boring to certified experts in that field.     

                   b) Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat 6/a, Cat 7 Cabling Installation and Design

                   c) SmartHome Multi Quad Cable installation and Design

                   d) Home Audio & Video Cable HDMI / Optical / RCA / DVI / VGA / S Video / CVC installation and design

                   e) Firewire & CM/CL2 for Home Alarms, Smoke Detectors and Security  Installation & Design

                   f) CCTV Security RG59 RG6/U Siamese / CAT6 Installation and Deign

                  g) Direct Wire Controlled Signs

                  h) Cable Removal

2.      Fort Lauderdale Fiber optics cable installations

                  a) Single Mode 8.3-10 Microns Fiber Optics Installation & Design

                  b)Multimode 50 /62.5/100 Micron Fiber Optics Installation & Design

                  c) Loose Tube Fiber Optics Cable Installation & Design (Primarily Outside Plant)

                  d)Tight Buffered Fiber Optics Cable Installation & Design (primarily inside use)

                  e)Fiber Optics Termination of ST, SC, FC, LC, D4, SMA, MU, MTRJ

                  f)Directional Boring, Underground Cabling, Conduit for Cabling, Arial Cabling

3.      Fort Lauderdale Wireless Installation

                 a)Wireless Bridge Network Installation & Design

                 b) Wireless Mesh Network Installation & Design

                 c)Wireless Laser Network Installation & Design

                 d) Wireless Point ot Point Network Installation & Design

                 e) Wireless Multipoint to Point Installation & Design

4.      Fort Lauderdale VoIP, PBX and IP PBX phone system Installation, Sales and Design

5.      Fort Lauderdale Smart home design and installation services

                a) Remote Control Audio & Video component  Installation & Design

                b)Web Access Remote Control Lighting Installation & Design

                c)Web Access Remote Control Appliances Installation & Design

                d) Web Access Remote Control Temperature Control Installation & Design

                e) Web Browser Control Automation Installation & Design

                f) Android and iphone controller interface Installation & Design

                g) Complete automation for your home or business!  Full Installation & Design

6)      Fort Lauderdale Home Theater and Home and Business Automation Installation & Design

                a) Streaming Music and Video Installation & Design

                b) Whole Home / Business Wireless TV Installation & Design

                c) Audio, Video, Gamming Installation & Design

                d) Automation and Touch Screen Controls Installation & Design

                e) PA Systems, Intercom Systems, Speaker Systems, Ipod Docking Whole Home Music Distribution, Installation and Design

7.     Fort Lauderdale Security / Surveillance  design, installation, and monitoring services

              a)Full CCTV Security System  Installation & Design

              b) Wired, Wireless and GSM Security Systems Installation & Design

              c)Remote Security Viewing via Web Browser or Wireless Streaming

Other Industry Specialties: Over 15 years in Fort Lauderdale Tanning Salon Industry, both as Fort Lauderdale Business Owner and Fort Lauderdale Repair Technician

              a)  Tanning Salon Design, Setup & Consulting

              b) Communication Wiring and Programming for T-Max and Other Timer Setups

              c) Tanning Salon Bed Installation, Troubleshooting & Repair

              d) Tanning Salon Layout Design, from Room Layouts, Electrical and Mechanical Requirements to Tanning Bed Selection

              e) Tanning Salon Pricing, Package Design, and Competitive Analysis within 10 Mile Radius

               f) Tanning Bed Rebuilds, from Wiring to Components 

              g)Tanning Salon Bed Removals, Uninstalls, Reinstalls

              h)Tanning Salon Secrets of the Trade (included in consulting fee)

              i) Great Pricing on Equipment Purchases

              j)Tanning Lotion Selection Assistance