A national data contractor is a company that provides data networking services nationally.  In order to provide such a vast service, companies such as National Data Contractor LLC must employ independent contractors around the country, as well as full service brick and mortar companies like us to achieve this status.  As a full service Florida data contractor, National Data Contractor LLC takes part in this team partnering and covers all 50 states and DC.  In full circle retrospect, other companies employ us (NDC) to be their Florida Data Contractor, and in other areas where we have a strong presence.  

You might be wondering how hiring a company in Florida to do your job in, say California, would save you money, or even make you comfortable.       It's quit simple actually.   First, we have data contractors that team partner with us as mentioned, so you will get a local tech in your area performing the work.  Since we do the marketing and bring jobs to our partners that they otherwise would not have, we are provided a reduced rate from that contractor.    We put together a bid package and ensure that the package is competitive.  The end result is a local tech employed by National Data Contractor LLC doing the work, NDC doing the billing and project management, and a reduced price from both ends, which in most cases results in the lowest bid you'll have. 

Team partnering with other data contractors is a win win situation, as it allows everyone to expand their territory and reduce their rates due to more available jobs.  In short, job quantity means lower prices for you.  Be assured that quality will never be second, as we strive for excellence in EVERY job we do, and we will never take on more jobs then we can handle. 

We provide data contractor services, structured cabling, networking cabling, and more in the following states:

National Data Contractor provides the following data, low voltage and structured cabling services:

Structured data & voice cabling installations

                   Fiber Optic Cabling Installation and Design

                   Category cabling of  Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat 6/a, Cat 7

                   SmartHome automation, from in home panel controls for lighting and sound to web controlled appliances such as cameras, lights, a/c, and more

                   Home Audio & Video theater rooms, offices, etc

                   Home Alarms, Smoke Detectors, Security systems, monitoring programs and more

                   CCTV Security for interior and exterior protection and monitoring

                   All Cable Removal

Fiber optics cable installations

                  Fiber Optic Termination of ST, SC, FC, LC, D4, SMA, MU, MTRJ

                  Directional Boring, Underground Cabling, Conduit for Cabling, Arial Cabling, building to build, FTTH, FTTD, etc

Wireless Internet (Wifi 802.11b - 802.11a - 802.11g - 802.11n) which includes

                  Wireless Bridge

                  Wireless Mesh Network

                  Wireless Laser Network

                  Wireless Point ot Point Network

                  Wireless Multipoint to Point

                  Wifi wirless backhaul, LAN, WAN, WPAN, WLAN, SAN, MAN, CAN, PAN, DAN, GSM

Phone Systems:  PBX, VoIP, IP PBX

Smart home services

                Remote Control Audio & Video component

                Web Access Remote Control Lighting

                Web Access Remote Control Appliances

                Web Access Remote Control Temperature Control

                Web Browser Control Automation

               Android and iphone controller interface

  Home Theater and Business Automation

               Streaming Music, Video, and presentations

               Whole Home / Business Wireless TV

               Audio, Video, Gamming for home, fun centers, offices, etc

               Automation and Touch Screen Controls for access, entertainment, business

               PA Systems, Intercom Systems, Speaker Systems, Ipod Docking and Music Distribution for homne or business

Security / Surveillance  design, installation, and monitoring services

              Full CCTV Security System

              Wired and Wireless Security Systems

Other Industry Specialties:

              Tanning Salon Design, Setup & Consulting

              Communication Wiring and Programming for T-Max and Other Timer Setups

              Tanning Salon Bed Installation, Troubleshooting & Repair

              Tanning Salon Layout Design, from Room Layouts, Electrical and Mechanical Requirements to Tanning Bed Selection

              Tanning Salon Pricing, Package Design, and Competitive Analysis within 10 Mile Radius

              Full Tanning Bed Rebuilds, from Wiring to Components 

              Tanning Salon Bed Removals, Uninstalls, Reinstalls

              Tanning Salon Secrets of the Trade (included in consulting fee)

              Great Pricing on Equipment Purchases

              Tanning Lotion Selection Assistance