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National Data Contractor designs and builds network infrastructures nationwide through structured cabling and wireless networking, with support for multiple voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems. We will help you evaluate, design and install the best network soluton to meet your needs.  Because National Data Contractor has offices around the country, we are more than capable of handling nationwide rollouts from small to large.  We are headquartered in Tampa Florida, and as many national data contractors are doing, we provide data contracting services through job teaming.  The benefits are that we expand our service area while keeping our overhead low, thus passing the savings on to our clients.   Our rates are very competitive, and many times we come in lower.   Give us a call and let us bid your next project! 

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  • wifi network install design sales
  • security camera systems, sales and installation
  • ndc fiber optics backbone installation
  • nationwide service and sales, security clearance techs
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  • residential and commercial structured cabling
  • structured cabling install design and product sales
  • Smarthome automation, web relay, touch screen, remote control
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National Data Contractor Structured data and fiber Cabling
Structured cabling and network cabling

Copper Infrastructure:

Whether you need just a simple LAN category 5/6 plus based wired network to run your small to large office, both residential and commercial, or a high count multi-pair backbone copper cable, coupled with coax, A/V, power, and other cabling,  NDC has got you covered.  Let us design your system from the ground up and we will meet or exceed your performance needs and ensure a reliable network for today's and tomorrow's copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5, Cat 5e, Cat 6, Cat 6e, Cat 6a, and Cat 7 solutions will exceed TIA Category standards.  We verify all networks through the proper testing, and even offer independent  verification  if so required.   When it comes to copper networks, NDC and our partners can handle any project you have.   

Fiber Optic Cabling:.

We provide both conventional and air blown fiber cabling solutions.  NDC highly recommends the FutureFLEX airblown system for large scale jobs where expansion is preplanned. Anyone looking to expand easily in the future, whether it be with new fiber, rerouting existing FutureFLEX fiber, or expanding your office with new fiber paths, airblown systems like FutureFlEX make it simple and fast, thus delivering a future-proof infrastructure with ease.

With fiber being, what looks to be the future, it's no wonder why a lot of our clients want, at minimum a fiber backbone for their commercial applications, as this ensures future-proofing their needs.  Just as Verizon offers FTTH (fiber to the home), we can bring FTTD (fiber to the desk) for the fastest transfer speeds available. Keep in mind that FTTD means that all of your equipment needs to be optical compliant.  Your computer will need the optical NIC to use the FTTD.   Our fiber optic services include design, engineering, installation, termination and testing.   

Low-voltage Cabling:  Even though fiber seems to be taking over the world, we won't see copper lose the race in our lifetimes, as manufactures will find ways to increase speeds just as they have from cat 3 to cat 7.  In fact, there is major research pointing to the fact they manufactures have a method (DSM) to turn existing copper networks into "fiber-like" speeds!  They are quoted saying  that copper actually has more bandwidth available over fiber and if utilized correctly, can beat fiber speeds.  Considering that a major part of the world runs on copper and will for a long time to come, we can only hope this comes to fruition.

Regardless, NDC does a lot of copper cabling and we know that not all cable is created equally, nor are all installs of copper done correctly.  The performance of  any category rated cable is heavily dependent on the physical characteristics of the cable and the materials used in the insulation.  You'll find quality cable that meets standards and bad cable that fails to meet standards.  We've tested some Cat 6 brands that can't come close to carrying a gig signal, and some cat 5e cables that struggle to match cat 3's 10 Mbps.  We've pulled quality Cat 6, and re-terminated  quality Cat 6 that was installed incorrectly and lacked available speeds.  It comes down to this;  untwist the wires too much at a connection or remove too much jacket and the cable may fail crosstalk testing, or pull it too hard (only 25 pounds tension specs) or kink it and watch the performance that you paid for drop a category or more. 

NDC has many years experience designing networks, routing and pulling low voltage cable, and terminating cable to optimize the maximum performance of the cable you paid for.  We have experience in the following low voltage structured cabling.

Cat 3 cabling = 10Mbps

Cat 5 cabling = 1000Mbps 100MHz

Cat 5e cabling = 1Gbps 100MHz

Cat 6 cabling = 10Gbps  250 MHz

Cat 6a cabling = 10 Gbps 550MHz

Cat 7 cabling = 10 Gbps 600MHz

Cat7a cabling = Up to 1000MHz and said to be up to 40Gbps

Coax cabling

Backbone Cables

Quad and Multi cabling

A/V Cabling

Computer Cabling

Conduit and Innnerduct:  Many jobs require a specific type of conduit or innerduct to meet code and warranty specs of the cable, in addition to simply protecting the cable from the weather, mechanical damage, or EMI frequency interference (electromagnetic interference from motors, fluorescent light ballasts, etc). Some of the products we've installed are:  Slit Duct, Riser Rated Innerduct, Corrugated Innerduct, Smoothwall Innerduct, HDPE, Microducts, Single and Multi Cell duct, Plenum Rated, Outside Plant Conduit, EMT, Standard PVC Conduit and many more.  Regardless, we've installed them all and can ensure we install what you need correctly.   

Some of the cabling brands we  use:


AMP Netconnect