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National Data Contractor designs and builds network infrastructures nationwide through structured cabling and wireless networking, with support for multiple voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems. We will help you evaluate, design and install the best network soluton to meet your needs.  Because National Data Contractor has offices around the country, we are more than capable of handling nationwide rollouts from small to large.  We are headquartered in Tampa Florida, and as many national data contractors are doing, we provide data contracting services through job teaming.  The benefits are that we expand our service area while keeping our overhead low, thus passing the savings on to our clients.   Our rates are very competitive, and many times we come in lower.   Give us a call and let us bid your next project! 

  • security camera systems, sales and installation
  • ndc fiber optics backbone installation
  • residential and commercial structured cabling
  • small business phone systems, PBX, IP PBX, VoIP
  • wifi luxul cisco hyperlink engenius
  • wifi network install design sales
  • structured cabling install design and product sales
  • Smarthome automation, web relay, touch screen, remote control
  • nationwide service and sales, security clearance techs
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National Data Contractor Specialty Services

As with many companies in the structured cabling industry, we've all done jobs that led us to becoming cabling contractors, and in our case, we've worked in many fields throughout the years and it feels like we've wired the world twice over. Though not our main staple of business, we provide professional and knowledgeable service with attention to detail. Our installs are done right the first time, from car audio and marine electronics, to tanning salon equipment and more.

Below is a list of our specialty areas.

1)Tanning Salon Build-outs, Bed Repairs and Salon Consulting:

a) Repair-  We worked under the name TanTek and ran a full install and repair company in the tanning industry.  Our main area of interest was repairing tanning beds.  For those that may not know how complicated a tanning bed can be, they range from a basic home unit with a few simple timers, relays, ballast, igniters, and switches, to highly packed units with triac boards, computer boards, many different timers, sensors, air conditioning cooling systems, skin sensors, in addition to the basic stuff and more.  Troubleshooting a unit like this takes a very technical skill set, which is why there are very few of us out there.  Today's units require computer diagnostics software just to start the troubleshooting.  We've done everything from parts replacement and rewiring of complete units, to modifying and even building units from scratch.  

Tanning Salon Design Build, and Consulting:

In addition to our technical skills in this area, we owned and operated several successful salons throughout the years, which led to designing, building and consulting for new start-up salons.  We have the knowledge and contacts in the industry to take you from conception to completion in 90 days in most cases.  NDC will do the following:

a) Build-Out / Install - We will hire the building contractor and all subs, and project manage the entire build from start to finish. We will ensure that the build goes smoothly and the finished project is just what you wanted. Builders know how to build, but unless they have knowledge in the tanning industry, they are almost always going to do things wrong.  We've seen it many times.   Electricians have limited experience when it comes to tanning beds, and know very little on wiring the buck boosters to the units.  NDC will also install the units if requested. 

b) Design the salon layout, which includes laying out each room in consideration of  your equipment, internal traffic flow, curb appeal, outside point of view appeal, safety concerns, interior persuasion techniques, etc.  We also carefully select the right equipment for your salon based on a multitude of considerations such as the average household income for your area, competing salons, tan time and max thru-put, repair issues and maintenance costs, etc. Selecting the right units will need to be weighed heavily because as they get some tan time on them and begin to wear a bit, you'll need maintenance and it can be a little or a lot.

c) Electrical, Mechanical and Low Voltage requirements. This is one aspect that needs to be taken very seriously. Do I go single phase or three phase? Do I go with the minimum requirements for heating and cooling, or a bit more?  What kind of heating and cooling configuration will I need?   Do I need buck boosters?  What kind of timer system do I use?  What do I need for in room communications? How about audio and video? Lighting?  There are many other aspects in this area that need to be addressed, and this can make a big difference in your monthly operating expenses, just as selecting the right equipment.

d) Pricing, Lotions, Signage, Inspections, client forms, training, etc.  These are a few more things you will need to have under control.  NDC can do all of this for you.  We have lots of industry experience that enables you to open your doors and have the right lotion for your clients, a good solid pricing plan, adhere to local code and inspections procedures, etc.  We can also provided training for you and your staff that will give you a jump start to success.  We have dozens of proven methods for your everyday business that makes a huge difference in how your clients look at your business.  We will share these with you.

NDC can make your new business run smoothly from conception to doors open, so give us a call and let's build a dream!  We are very confident in our skills and know that we can make any salon owner very happy.


2) National Data Contractor Active in the Marine Industry

National Data Contractors have many years of marine wiring and component installation experience on yachts, powerboats of any size, and sailboats.  Our most recent area of interest is in digital switching and  controls, as well as various power and load management systems.  

Today's market is moving away from traditional rocker switches, fuse panels, and open air contacts, and in the direction of solid state sealed power centers with automated controls and on screen controls.

NDC can install these systems and completely take your vessel from a network of tangled wires to a state of the art sealed system that is virtually maintenance free. In addition, everything is moving to open protocol CAN BUS add-ons that speak the same language, thus making the linking of components and visual displays something special.   

In example, you can eliminate your fuse panels and bus bars, strip your helm of all the gauges and rocker switches, and link your stereo, gauges, and switches to the load controller, which then will display everything onscreen for complete touch screen switching and gauge reading.  Imagine touching a screen and controlling your stereo, ipod, power on and off components, and read your gauges to name but a few.

Want a central computer system to control things?  No problem!  Need wifi on your yacht?  No problem!  Need us to design an entire system on your vessel?  No problem...just give us a call!

We also rewire and install traditional DC systems and full LED lighting design and installs. 


3) Audio | Video | Digital Monitoring & Switching | Tablets & PC's

In addition to our home theater design and installation, and marine audio/video design and installation, we also offer mobile audio and video design and installation services.  Whether you need a basic head unit and speakers, a system with amps and subs, or an all out earth shakin' system with visual effects, we can make it happen.  We build custom molded fiberglass speaker enclosures and dashes for tablets and other electronics, install amps, head units, speakers, video screens, alarms, laser jamming devices, digital switching systems and digital gauge monitoring systems. Need a custom fiberglass dash, no problem.  Give us a call and let us quote your install and products.