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National Data Contractor designs and builds network infrastructures nationwide through structured cabling and wireless networking, with support for multiple voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems. We will help you evaluate, design and install the best network soluton to meet your needs.  Because National Data Contractor has offices around the country, we are more than capable of handling nationwide rollouts from small to large.  We are headquartered in Tampa Florida, and as many national data contractors are doing, we provide data contracting services through job teaming.  The benefits are that we expand our service area while keeping our overhead low, thus passing the savings on to our clients.   Our rates are very competitive, and many times we come in lower.   Give us a call and let us bid your next project! 

  • security camera systems, sales and installation
  • wifi luxul cisco hyperlink engenius
  • Smarthome automation, web relay, touch screen, remote control
  • small business phone systems, PBX, IP PBX, VoIP
  • nationwide service and sales, security clearance techs
  • ndc fiber optics backbone installation
  • residential and commercial structured cabling
  • wifi network install design sales
  • structured cabling install design and product sales
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Florida Structured Cabling Services

National Data Contractor is an established FLORIDA  structured data contractor, also referred to as a cabling contractor, telecom contractor, telecommunication contractor or IT Contractor.  We offer FLORIDA residential and commercial structured data and fiber cabling services (low Voltage) in the telecom, smarthome, Security, and WiFi industry, as well as Data, Fiber, Smarthome, Security, Tanning Salon, and Audio/Video Design Services.  Our team of structured cabling, automation and audio/video technicians, and data integrators are some of the brightest and most experienced design and build structured cabling and low voltage contractors in the USA.    

National Data Contractor offers a multitude of low voltage services in data communications, smarthome design services, Automation services and Tanning Salon Build-out services through our partnered teams around the country.  Our structured cabling and low voltage technicians work closely with National Data Contractor LLC on all aspects of the job, from designing and building structured cabling infrastructures, LAN and WAN integration, and  fiber optics cable installations, to structured data cabling networks, wireless networks, smarthome automation, audio and video, office IT support and most all data, voice, automation and telecom related services, in addition to Tanning Salon Design, Repair, and full Tanning Salon Build-outs.

National Data Contractor offers competitive regional and local low voltage data cabling rates.  Our team and  partners understand that by merging together on jobs means bidding as a team, thus our structured Cabling and low voltage rates are very competitive, and in many cases even better than competitive!   Let us give you a bid on your next low voltage cabling project and I'm sure you'll be impressed, both in service and price.  Our goal is to service the USA with exceptional service and lower prices, and as a result we hope to earn your repeat business.  

National Data Contractor is a network integrator and interconnect company that provides the following low voltage and structured cabling services:

1.      Structured data & voice cabling installations

                   a) Fiber Optic Cabling Installation and Design

                   b) Cat 3, Cat 5e, Cat 6/a, Cat 7 Cabling Installation and Design

                   c) SmartHome Multi Quad Cable installation and Design

                   d) Home Audio & Video Cable HDMI / Optical / RCA / DVI / VGA / S Video / CVC installation and design

                   e) Firewire & CM/CL2 for Home Alarms, Smoke Detectors and Security  Installation & Design

                   f) CCTV Security RG59 RG6/U Siamese / CAT6 Installation and Deign

                  g) Direct Wire Controlled Signs

                  h) Cable Removal

2.      Fiber optics cable installations

                  a) Single Mode 8.3-10 Microns Fiber Optic cable Installation & Design

                  b) Multimode 50 /62.5/100 Micron Fiber Optic cable Installation & Design

                  c) Loose Tube Fiber Optic Cable Installation & Design (Primarily Outside Plant)

                  d) Tight Buffered Fiber Optics Cable Installation & Design (primarily inside use)

                  e) Fiber Optic Termination of ST, SC, FC, LC, D4, SMA, MU, MTRJ

                  f) Directional Boring, Underground Cabling, Conduit for Cabling, Arial Cabling

3.      Fixed Wireless Internet solutions (Wifi 802.11b - 802.11a - 802.11g - 802.11n)

                 a) Wireless Bridge Network Installation & Design

                 b) Wireless Mesh Network Installation & Design

                 c) Wireless Laser Network Installation & Design

                 d) Wireless Point ot Point Network Installation & Design

                 e) Wireless Multipoint to Point Installation & Design

                 f) Wifi wirless backhaul, LAN, WAN, WPAN, WLAN, SAN, MAN, CAN, PAN, DAN, GSM

4.      VoIP, PBX and IP PBX phone system Installation, Sales and Design

5.      Smart home design, installation and cabling services

                a) Remote Control Audio & Video component  Installation & Design

                b) Web Access Remote Control Lighting Installation & Design

                c) Web Access Remote Control Appliances Installation & Design

                d) Web Access Remote Control Temperature Control Installation & Design

                e) Web Browser Control Automation Installation & Design

                f) Android and iphone controller interface Installation & Design

                g) Complete automation for your home or business!  Full Installation & Design

6)      Home Theater and Home and Business Automation Installation & Design

                a)  Streaming Music and Video Installation & Design

                b) Whole Home / Business Wireless TV Installation & Design

                c) Audio, Video, Gamming Installation & Design

                d) Automation and Touch Screen Controls Installation & Design

                e) PA Systems, Intercom Systems, Speaker Systems, Ipod Docking Whole Home Music Distribution, Installation and Design

7.      Security / Surveillance  design, installation, and monitoring services

              a) Full CCTV Security System  Installation & Design

              b) Wired, Wireless and GSM Security Systems Installation & Design

              c) Remote Security Viewing via Web Browser or Wireless Streaming

Other Industry Specialties: Over 15 years in Tanning Salon Industry, both as Business Owner and Repair Technician

              a)  Tanning Salon Design, Setup & Consulting

              b) Communication Wiring and Programming for T-Max and Other Timer Setups

              c) Tanning Salon Bed Installation, Troubleshooting & Repair

              d) Tanning Salon Layout Design, from Room Layouts, Electrical and Mechanical Requirements to Tanning Bed Selection

              e) Tanning Salon Pricing, Package Design, and Competitive Analysis within 10 Mile Radius

               f) Full Tanning Bed Rebuilds, from Wiring to Components 

              g) Tanning Salon Bed Removals, Uninstalls, Reinstalls

              h) Tanning Salon Secrets of the Trade (included in consulting fee)

              i) Great Pricing on Equipment Purchases

              j) Tanning Lotion Selection Assistance

National Data Contractor LLC can provide complete design and build services for both residential homes and commercial buildings in a timely, professional and effective solution.   

National Data Contractor offers structured cabling and WiFi services in the following major Florida cities: Tampa, Tampa Bay, Tampa/St Pete, St. Petersburg, Bradenton,  Clearwater, Clearwater/St Pete, Sarasota, Lakeland, Kissimmee, Orlando, Port Charlotte, Fort Myers, Jupiter, Key West, Key Largo, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Melbourne, Titusville, Daytona Beach, Gainsville, Jacksonville, Daytona Beach, Tallahassee, Panama City, Fort Walton Beach, Pensacola.  We also provide structured cabling services in all small Florida cities not listed.