Dec 14
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Security Compliance Specialist

Security Compliance systems are mandated in many industries, and with the legalization of medical marijuana (cannabis) in several dozen states, with more on the rise, the move to legalize medical marijuana (cannabis) brings a need for compliance security specialists to bring your  dispensary into compliance. 

We are well versed in medical marijuana security compliance to ensure all federal, state and local laws and regulations are met, thus ensuring your medical marijuana dispensary remains in good standing and is well protected. In fact, our partnering suppliers were enlisted to write and set the standards of the security compliance regulations that are in use, which has made our partnering with them a very favorable match.  

Our security compliance programs offer several levels of security to meet your needs, whether it be the minimum required, or a state of the art high end system, we have many years of surveillance and access control experience, and systems that fit your every need. Even our entry level minimum compliant systems offers two to three times the security over competitors at an equilvent price.