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National Data Contractor designs and builds network infrastructures nationwide through structured cabling and wireless networking, with support for multiple voice, data, video, security, and multimedia systems. We will help you evaluate, design and install the best network soluton to meet your needs.  Because National Data Contractor has offices around the country, we are more than capable of handling nationwide rollouts from small to large.  We are headquartered in Tampa Florida, and as many national data contractors are doing, we provide data contracting services through job teaming.  The benefits are that we expand our service area while keeping our overhead low, thus passing the savings on to our clients.   Our rates are very competitive, and many times we come in lower.   Give us a call and let us bid your next project! 

  • security camera systems, sales and installation
  • Smarthome automation, web relay, touch screen, remote control
  • wifi luxul cisco hyperlink engenius
  • structured cabling install design and product sales
  • residential and commercial structured cabling
  • ndc fiber optics backbone installation
  • nationwide service and sales, security clearance techs
  • wifi network install design sales
  • small business phone systems, PBX, IP PBX, VoIP
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Fort Walton Beach Electrical Contractor | Electrician

National Data Contractor is a licensed Electrical Contractor (EC) servicing Fort Walton Beach and the entire state of Florida with in house skilled electricians. 

Whether you need a Fort Walton Beach electrical contractor for a large commercial project, a Fort Walton Beach electrical contractor for a small  residential project, or an electrical contractor that can run not only high voltage, but service all your data and communication needs, we are the Fort Walton Beach Electrical Contractor that can get the job done.  As a fully licensed Florida electrical contractor, NDC's electricians can perform any form of electrical service, from high and low voltage, to fire alarms and all levels of communication.

Why hire a licensed electrical contractor for your Fort Walton Beach electrical needs, then hire a second company for your low voltage needs when you can have one company do it all. We are well trained electricians and equally trained in all forms of low voltage and communication work. 

Services:  Fort Walton Beach electrical contractor main panel, sub panel, complete premise wiring.  Fort Walton Beach electrical contractor lighting and fixture installation and automation wiring.  Our Fort Walton Beach electricians are all insured and work for NDC.

1.      Fort Walton Beach electrical contractor Services:

                   a) Commercial Electrician   

                   b) Residential Electrician

                   c) Full premise Electrical wiring

                   d) Electrical Repairs & troubleshooting

                   e) Electrical wiring of main panels, sub panels, hot tubs, generators, smoke alarms, circuits and more.

                   f) Electrical Upgrades

                  g) Electrical outside plant


2.      Our Fort Walton Beach electrician division is even Fiber optic cross trained!

                  a) Single Mode 8.3-10 Microns

                  b) Multimode 50 /62.5/100 Micron

                  c)  Loose Tube Fiber Cable

                  d)Tight Buffered Fiber Cable

                  e)Fiber Optics Termination of ST, SC, FC, LC, D4, SMA, MU, MTRJ

                  f)Directional Boring, Underground Cabling, Conduit for Cabling, Arial Cabling

3.      Fort Walton Beach Smart home services.  Our electricians are fully cross trained in:

                a) Audio & Video                                                     

                b) Remote Control Lighting

                c) Remote Control Appliances                  

                d) Remote Control Temperature Control

                e) Control Automation

                f) Complete automation for your home or business!

4.     Fort Walton Beach Electrical Contractor Security / Surveillance  design, installation, and monitoring services

              a) Our electricians are fully cross trained in CCTV Security System  Installation & Design.