Dec 16

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Tampa distributed antenna system DAS

Tampa Distributed Antenna System DAS

National data contractor provides distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) in Tampa Florida, from DAS design to installation.  We've installed distributed antenna systems (DAS) in hundreds of  public commercial domains.   With more higher education institutes, healthcare facilities, sports and hospitality venues, and other commercial structures, owners are seeing the need for better indoor and outdoor coverage for cellular and Wi-Fi coverage.  

Having limited or poor wireless signal certainly impairs your ability to attract core customers, whether it be leasing, renting, or time share tenants, student campus housing, event goers, or the the provider themselves.  With the vast majority of customers using their smartphones and other wireless devices, it is becoming the expectation of the end user to have quality service wherever they go.  From both standpoints, it is important for the provider to ensure quality signal in as many areas as possible to stay competitive within the market, as well as the location itself to be able to spread that quality through the intended area.

Please contact NDC and let one of our expert DAS designers assist.